Private Bank Minnesota

eBankingSM and cashManagementSM

  1. Enroll at

  2. Enhance your security by establishing controlled employee access

  3. View checks that have cleared your account (front and back)

  4. Make internal transfers between your checking and savings accounts

  5. Transfer funds to and from other financial institutions*

  6. Receive your statement electronically with our eStatement feature

  7. Make internal payments and advances to your lines of credit or loans (Please contact us to assist you in paying off your credit facility)

  8. Make your corporate deposits without leaving your office using our Remote Deposit Capture product (Please contact your banker for details)

  9. Free ACH – electronic transfers that will debit and credit your accounts to streamline payroll and collections*

  10. Free incoming domestic wire transfers

  11. View accounts, credit cards and investments at other financial institutions using our Finance Center**

  12. Export account history into Quicken®, QuickBooks® and Microsoft® Money

  13. 24-hour customer support for technical questions and password resets at 1-800-721-2508

*Additional forms may need to be completed in order to initiate transfers and other services
**Check list of available financial institutions

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