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David Waldo
Chairman of the Board/Chief Lending Officer/Founder

David is a co-founder, chairman of the board and chief lending officer of Private Bank Minnesota, and he also serves on the bank's board of directors. David has been a banker for nearly 30 years, specializing in private banking for most of that time. Early in his career, David was a shareholder in Investors Savings Bank, where he established a private banking group when the bank opened. During a time when competitors focused on cross-selling multiple financial products and automating service encounters, the success of Investors Savings' private banking venture confirmed David's theory that there was an unfilled market niche for creative credit products and a very high level of service within the private banking market.

After the sale of Investors Savings Bank, David and Vicki, along with a group of other investors, decided to establish a bank whose goal was to provide strong credit products and an extraordinary level of service. When laying the groundwork for Private Bank Minnesota, David sought out senior-level, career private bankers whose experience and service philosophy matched his own. "To this day, we are proud to say that our private bankers are leaders in their field. Individually and collectively, they have the expertise to help our clients recognize and assess the financial risks involved with achieving their long-term financial goals."

Private Bank Minnesota has built its reputation by providing a level of service many clients have never known before. "Today, very few bankers get the opportunity to know their clients well enough to understand their goals and what is needed to improve their financial standing. Good relationships take time, and our private bankers take the time needed to build and sustain long-term client relationships," David adds.

According to David, sometimes focusing on a client's needs requires having the courage to turn down a deal. "We don't write loans just because it's a good opportunity for the bank and we know the loan will be paid back. Our private bankers have the courage to say 'no' when a financial decision may not be in the client's best interest," David says. "Clients may not choose to take the advice, but they always appreciate our candor."

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