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Lorene Fott
Assistant Vice President

Lorene joined Private Bank Minnesota in 2001. What attracted her to a community bank in the Minneapolis skyline is the same thing that has kept her here.

“I was looking for a place where I could explain to my family how we did business and be proud of the way the company treated their clients and their employees,” explains Lorene. “Our approach to banking is simple but extremely effective; we actually know who our clients are and talk with them. How we answer our phones says a lot of who we are as a business. A phone call gets you to a live person rather than going through a phone tree. Private Bank Minnesota uses technology as a tool for clients to make banking easier, not to put a barrier between clients and their bankers.”

Lorene learned the industry from the ground up. Starting as a teller with Private Bank Minnesota, she spent time working with bank operations and human resources. For seven years Lorene was an associate working with one of the private bankers. She continued to work on projects such as developing procedural and training programs for the other associates, but her interests always lay with working with clients one-on-one.

In 2010 Lorene accepted a private banker position with Private Bank Minnesota, and in 2012 she was promoted to Assistant Vice President.

Contact Information:

Direct Phone: (612) 573-3290 Download v-card
Fax Number: (612) 436-3592
NMLS #424222  

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