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Every Private Bank Minnesota Client Receives the Best We Have to Offer

One of the biggest differences between a traditional bank and a private bank is the attention to detail and personalized attention clients receive. When you become a client of Private Bank Minnesota , one experienced banker is assigned to serve you, someone you can count on.

Your banker is supported by an expert team dedicated to sustaining our relationship with you. So, whenever you have an immediate need, question or special request, there is always someone you can call who knows you and your banking preferences.

Main Phone: (612) 321-0991

Vicki Turnquist, CEO/President/Founder
Contact Information:

Direct Phone: (612) 305-4221 Download v-card
Fax Number: (612) 436-3570
NMLS #936671  

David Waldo, Chairman of the Board/Chief Lending Officer/Founder
Contact Information:

Direct Phone: (612) 305-4222 Download v-card
Fax Number: (612) 436-3560
Cell Phone Number: (612) 309-3111
NMLS #424220    

Don Davies, CFO
Contact Information:

Direct Phone: (612) 305-4223 Download v-card
Fax Number: (612) 436-3580

Catherine Tolman, Senior Vice President/Chief Credit Officer
Contact Information:

Direct Phone: (612) 305-4236 Download v-card
Fax Number: (612) 436-3564

Karen Barstad, Vice President/Compliance Officer
Contact Information:

Direct Phone: (612) 305-4224 Download v-card
Fax Number: (612) 436-3561

Charles Durkin, Vice President
Contact Information:

Direct Phone: (612) 573-3293 Download v-card
Fax Number: (612) 436-3565
NMLS #424219  

Lorene Fott, Assistant Vice President
Contact Information:

Direct Phone: (612) 573-3290 Download v-card
Fax Number: (612) 436-3592
NMLS #424222  

Konya Ives, Vice President/Private Banking Portfolio Manager
Contact Information:

Direct Phone: (612) 305-4225 Download v-card
Fax Number: (612) 436-3572
NMLS #424221  

Cathy Carlson, Vice President/Private Banking Sales Manager
Contact Information:

Direct Phone: (612) 305-4227 Download v-card
Fax Number: (612) 436-3562
NMLS #424218  

Jean Schuldt, Vice President/Operations Officer
Contact Information:

Direct Phone: (612) 573-3296 Download v-card
Fax Number: (612) 436-3599

Nicki Briks, Assistant Vice President/Operations Manager
Contact Information:

Direct Phone: (612) 573-3297 Download v-card
Fax Number: (612) 436-3596  

Private Bank Minnesota
222 South Ninth Street
Suite 3800
Minneapolis, MN 55402
United States of America
NMLS #408527

Toll Free (888) 403-8413
Phone (612) 321-0991
Fax (612) 321-0894
teleBankingSM (612) 341-8200  
After Hours Internet Banking Support
(800) 721-2508
Bank Hours Monday through Friday
  8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

To report a lost or stolen ATM or Visa Debit Card after Private Bank Minnesota's regular business hours, please call 1-800-264-5578. If you are calling internationally, please call collect to 701-461-0621.

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